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Housing Market

Do Elections Impact the Housing Market?

The 2024 Presidential election is just months away. As someone who’s thinking about potentially buying or selling a home, you’re probably curious about what effect, if any, elections have on the housing market. It’s a great quest...

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Your Equity Could Make a Move Possible

Your Equity Could Make a Move Possible

Many homeowners looking to sell feel like they’re stuck between a rock and a hard place right now. Today’s mortgage rates are higher than the one they currently have on their home, and that’s making it harder to want to sell and...

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Buy or Sell a Home This June

What To Expect if You Buy or Sell a Home This June

June is a busy month in the housing market because a lot of people buy and sell this time of year. So, if you’ve got a move on your mind and you’re looking to make it happen this month, here’s a snapshot of what you need to know...

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Biggest Mistakes Buyers Are Making Today

The Biggest Mistakes Buyers Are Making Today

Buyers face challenges in any market – and today’s is no different. With higher mortgage rates and rising prices, plus the limited supply of homes for sale, there’s a lot to consider. But, there's one way to avoid getting tri...

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Outdoor Staging

Outdoor Staging Essentials: Enhancing Curb Appeal

Outdoor staging essentials, when employed effectively, have the power to enhance curb appeal dramatically. Therefore, mastering these essentials is crucial for anyone looking to make a striking first impression with their home. To...

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Why Price It Right

Why Price It Right Infographic

Why price is right? Setting the correct price for your home is crucial in the real estate market. Pricing too high can deter potential buyers, while pricing too low may leave money on the table. Understanding the importance of accurately prici...

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