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The Best Place to Go Horseback Riding in Boise: Eagle Idaho

Today on The Flip Side we are kicking it casual. I want to show you a little bit more of our country living. Watch the video to tour another side of Eagle, Idaho with me.

One thing I love about this stable is that they teach everyone to care for all the horse’s needs. They learn to saddle up, brush, clean, and feed the horses. For saddling up, they first have to put on the girth which helps keeps the saddle firmly on and prevents the rider from falling off. Next, you connect the bridle and the saddle to ensure that saddle stays on tight. Safety is a big priority when riding, especially if you jump like my daughter Ashtyn!

Another important task the riders learn is cleaning the horse’s hoofs. Having clean hoofs helps with a smoother ride. Ashtyn really enjoys all of the trails, greenery, and scenery in Idaho. While California has outdoor activities, there is so much more at our fingertips here in Eagle.

After you finish, you have to wash & squeegee the horse down. Bing, the horse Ashtyn was riding, enjoys the cool water. This helps cool the horse down after a good workout on a warm day.

In Eagle, Idaho there are lot of agricultural areas, equestrian centers, and farm land. Eagle is a sleepy little town of only 27,000 people filled with peaceful rolling hills, the Boise river, ponds, streams and tons of open land. My daughter loves to ride and luckily here in Eagle there is a ton of Equestrian space!

Contact me today if you think this beautiful country lifestyle may be for you. It sure is peaceful.

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