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Boise is the beloved capital city of Idaho. Despite being a downtown urban area, there are also plenty of natural attractions. With extensive growth in the last few years and an already healthy population, there are currently an estimated 240,000 people in the city. Boise hosts beautiful historic neighborhoods, like Hyde Park, which has gorgeous looming trees that are hundreds of years old that blanket you as you drive down the road. Some homes in the Historical District near Warm Springs Avenue still have horse carriage stepping stones lining the street. And don’t forget the historical Basque Cultural Center and block in downtown Boise.

Boise isn’t only a gold mine for those who love cities with strong ties to its history but for those who love art, music, family events, and local shops as well. With dozens of music festivals annually, free open-air shows all summer long, and family events year-round. Additionally, the centrally located 8th street is a pedestrian zone with sidewalk cafes, restaurants, and locally owned shops.

Although anyone here will tell you that downtown is a treasure trove of things to do, Boise is more than its downtown metro. It is the largest city in Ada County at 85 square miles and borders Garden City, Meridian, and Eagle. There are suburbs, both new and old, with home styles that cater to all. Whether you prefer to be in a more rural area with large yards and historic homes, or brand new subdivisions with low-maintenance townhomes and cafes nearby, there is an area of Boise perfect for you.

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