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Fruitland is a beautiful city that sits on the western end of the Treasure Valley and borders Ontario. This beautiful rural city has a population of just over 6,000 and is not growing as fast as other cities, with a current growth rate of around 2.24%. If the fast pace growth of the more metropolitan parts of Idaho is deterring you, Fruitland is a perfect place for you. It borders Ontario, OR, and has the amenities you need from a larger city without being too close or too large to affect traffic, safety, or cost of living. It is about an hour outside Boise and two hours to Cascade- making it the perfect location for weekend road trips! Ontario has cultural attractions such as a Japanese garden, event center, and gallery, only 10 minutes from Fruitland. On the city’s southern side is a beloved produce stand that’s open from spring to fall. There are nearby local parks, a county museum, and a petting zoo. A drive through the town will show you gorgeous scenery, excellent schools, and homes on large plots of land with no neighbors. The Snake, Payette, and Malheur Rivers flow through the area and make for fantastic fishing, boating, and rafting.

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