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If you’ve never heard of Jerome, Idaho, we don’t blame you. It’s a small town that sometimes gets largely overlooked and is not one people think of when they hear about Idaho. But if you’re looking for a hidden small town with charm, culture, and a sense of community- Jerome is like finding a diamond in the rough! This city is just over 100 miles outside Boise with a population of just over 11,500 and is located in south-central Idaho with the incredible Snake River Canyon to its South. The city’s economy is dominated by farming and agriculture but has an advantage of a relatively compact city center, a broadening economy, and beautiful neighborhoods. The downtown area has historical and beautiful architecture, and there are museums, festivals, shopping, and dining to keep you busy all year long. The Jerome County Historical Museum is a must-see for the rich historical significance to the city and county. Jerome’s tagline is “a special place where special things happen,” and it’s not just a slogan- it’s the truth! Only ten miles south of downtown, you can visit the spectacular Shoshone waterfalls in Twin Falls and see the incredible Perrine Bridge- the eighth-highest bridge in the United States. Jerome combines culture and community with a low cost of living, moderate weather year-round, and a small town way of life, creating one of Idaho’s best-kept secrets!
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