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Ketchum is a bustling and vibrant community nestled right into the Rocky Mountains in Central Idaho. This city is proud to be an authentic mountain town, and from all angles, you see some of the most beautiful views in the Northwest United States. There is no shortage of outdoor activities, and between the endless hiking, mountain biking, skiing, boating, and fishing, you will never be bored- no matter the season. Ketchum shows off one of the unique parts of Idaho – the outdoor diversity. Many places have seasonal activities but are closed at least 50% of the year. In cities like Ketchum, you will never run into that issue. Is it snowing outside? Go skiing! Too hot to function? Jump in the crystal blue Sun Valley Lake! And this mountain town doesn’t feel like any other small town. Their city motto is “Small town, big life,” which showcases just how amazing their city is, offering a high quality of life with a small town experience! Just one example of that is that the city hosts the largest non-motorized parade in the entire Pacific Northwest each year over Labor Day weekend – Wagon Days! The area also has world-class wine tastings, 5-star restaurants, and luxury hotels. Ketchum sits right outside Sun Valley (only a 5-minute drive!), one of Idaho’s most luxurious and best-to-visit cities! And only about an hour away are the incredible Sawtooth Mountains, making backpacking, hiking, and camping trips more accessible than ever!
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