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Middleton is just a few miles from the bustling Meridian/Eagle corridor, but it feels pleasantly rural. In this town of just over 10,000 people, it’s not uncommon to drive past couples on horseback or a farmer towing his equipment from field to field. And yet, like all of Treasure Valley, Middleton is adapting to its growing popularity in its own style. New home communities are popping up, incorporating open space in their design and encouraging more rural activities already popular in Middleton, including boating and fishing on the small lakes and ponds in the area. Like most of Southern Idaho, Middleton has all four seasons, but they’re milder than other parts of the country. This climate means you can enjoy each season to the fullest without any downsides of excessive rain, snow, or heat. Middleton is a quiet town with a strong sense of community, very little traffic, and friendly and safe neighborhoods, but because the bigger cities are only minutes away, it is the best of both worlds. There are properties with large plots of land, plenty of stores, restaurants, and shopping, as well as hiking trails, playgrounds, parks, and plenty of outdoor activities.

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