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Along the Oregon Trail are natural bubbling pools of carbonated water in a town called Soda Springs. These springs were a pit stop for early pioneers on the Oregon Trail traveling west through Idaho and originally became known as the “Oregon Trail Oasis.” Now called Soda Springs, this small town of around 3,000 people is in Caribou County and has breathtaking views of mountains from anywhere in town. It is home to the largest man-made geyser in the world and is now controlled by a timer, erupting every hour on the hour- holding the title of the only captive geyser in the world. In a prime location for traveling, it is only a short drive to the small resort town of Lava Hot Springs, the bustling city of Pocatello, or the scenic town of Jackson, Wyoming. If you’re looking for a place with no such thing as traffic jams but just wide-open space and gorgeous mountain views at nearly every turn, this is the town for you.
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