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Sun Valley is an exquisite resort town in Idaho like no other. Known for the incredible ski resorts, mountain trails, horseback riding, and film festivals – this city is a small town like you’ve never seen before. While there are less than 2,000 residents, Sun Valley has 5-star restaurants and hotels and an economy that is strengthened mainly by tourism and travel to the city. When you visit the rolling fields filled with wildflowers or the world-renowned ski resorts, you’ll see why this city is a celebrity hotspot worth visiting! The city boasts 250 days of sunshine with plenty to do year-round – and is even a popular venue for gorgeous weddings and events. With the number of amenities, high-scale places to visit, and things to do, you will feel like you’re in a large city- but the community and scenery will remind you how small the town is. Sun Valley strikes the perfect balance between exclusivity, luxury, and a welcoming spirit.
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