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Idaho Relocation Seminar

Do you want to relocate but you feel stuck? Trust me, I’ve been there. My husband, my two daughters, and I used to live in California. That is until, we just could not take it anymore! Between the high taxes, the constant traffic, the long commute time, and trying to raise two girls in the city… it was just too much. Unfortunately, we felt stuck, which I am sure is a feeling many of you may have about moving. I am here to tell you that I can help make that big move not seem so hard.

When the idea of moving our family first came about, we thought there was no way we’d be able to make it happen. Our entire business was in California, our girls were in school, and we would also have to have the stress of selling our house. Where would we even start? So, we took all our energy and motivation into researching it all. Now, living in Boise, Idaho, our average cost of living is drastically lower, my children are succeeding in school, and my commute time is cut in half! 

After my experiences, I knew I wanted to put them to good use and be able to help other people do the same thing. So, I created a one stop shop to help individuals relocate to Idaho! The major reason we held off from moving for so long because of these daunting tasks: finding a local realtor to sell our house in California, then also finding a realtor in Idaho to help us find out dream home, and also find a lendor, movers, what school my children will attend, what neighborhood will we live in, how long would my commute be, etc.. In my IdahoRelocation Seminar I give you all the answers to your questions. I am your local realtor, I am your Idaho realtor, I am your lender, I am your relocation guide!


Anything you might need, the answer is yes. Be sure to register for my Idaho Relocation Seminar today and remember, you do not have to be stuck!

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