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Indulge in all that Boise Has to Offer

When people ask me about Boise I’m flooded with questions like, “isn’t there just potatoes there?”, “do you have television out there?”, the list goes on… If you’re looking for a way to show yourself, or your guests around the best things Boise has to offer, then I have the perfect way for you to indulge. That’s just it: Indulge food tours! 

I first met Angela Taylor, the brains behind Indulge Food Tours, on a plane to San Jose. She was telling me about her idea to start the business and I am so excited she did it! Actually, her travels is what inspired her to create the business. During her travels, she found very connected to the foods each place had to offer. She believed that they were unique and special to each place and could really express the culture of each area. 

When she returned back to Boise, she wanted to be able to give visitors the same joys she experienced while traveling in other places! With six different tours being offered, Indulge Food Tours makes it easy to cover all the bases. Whether you’re vegan, like beer, or prefer spirits, or just want a banging brunch, they have a tour for you. Not only do you get to check out the best of the best locally sourced restaurants in the Boise area, you get to experience the Boise lifestyle. You get to see the architecture and enjoy the rich history our city holds. 

Expert guides lead you through iconic neighborhoods, and the best part is, it’s open year round! So, it doesn’t matter when you come to Boise, there will always be a tour going on and you can enjoy any of the four beautiful seasons we have here. This also gives you another reason to come back, because each season offers something different, and I don’t just mean the weather! 

Since Indulge Food Tours supports locally sourced restaurants, that means the menus are constantly changing to what fruits and veggies are currently in season. Depending on the tour you do and what season it is, it will all be different! The combinations are endless. You could try the Historic Downtown Boise Food and Cultural tour in the winter and then come back again to enjoy it in the summer and it will be a totally different experience for your taste buds! 

Next time you are in the Boise area, be sure to take advantage of all these tours have to offer. I promise you, you won’t regret it! If you’d like more information on all the different kinds of tours check out their website: Thanks again for watching and stay tuned to see where we go next!

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