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Join Me In The Dream World of Idaho

Are you having trouble sleeping because of the high cost of living, a long commute, and high tax bills? Well, wake up from that nightmare and move to a place that is surrounded by rivers and streams, relaxation and affordable home prices.

This dreamland is called Idaho! I am very familiar with these symptoms. My family and I had a case of West-Coast-itis that we were suffering from. Turns out, all it took to cure was moving to a place we could comfortably afford. Now we live a great life full of outdoor activities and friendly neighborhoods and overall wonderful way of life.

When my family was moving from California to Idaho, we spent countless hours researching home values, school districts, activities, communities, and shopping. Making a big move is a really important decision, not just for you but for your whole family.

Since my family has already made the move and done the research, let me help you. My family has absolutely fallen in love with Idaho. Even my two teenage daughters love their new school, new larger rooms, and new friends.

We’ve made your move easier with our relocation team, consisting of realtors, lender, and movers (one-stop shop).  Let us help relieve your stress and headache. I also have a Boise relocation guide. It is 90 pages chock full of helpful information for those looking to improve their lifestyle.

Let me share my passion for Idaho with you and your family! Contact me today for more information.

Phone number: 208-789-4320

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