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Boise or Bust

Idaho Relocation Seminar

Do you want to relocate but you feel stuck? Trust me, I’ve been there. My husband, my two daughters, and I used to live in California. That is until, we just could not take it anymore! Between the high taxes, the constant traffic, the long ...

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Indulge in all that Boise Has to Offer

When people ask me about Boise I’m flooded with questions like, “isn’t there just potatoes there?”, “do you have television out there?”, the list goes on... If you’re looking for a way to show yourself, or your guests around the ...

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Join Me In The Dream World of Idaho

Are you having trouble sleeping because of the high cost of living, a long commute, and high tax bills? Well, wake up from that nightmare and move to a place that is surrounded by rivers and streams, relaxation and affordable home prices. (mor...

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